Product Overview

Eco ChemLabs Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a premium quality product that is ecofriendly, non-solvent and non-petroleum based. Our formulation works tough to remove all types of grease, oil, lubricant, dirt, grim and stains. This product can safely and efficiently be useable on water washable surfaces.


Domestic: Stoves, Sinks, Toilet, Floor, Ceramic tiles, Refrigerator, garbage bins, and counter tops.

Industrial: Tub/showers, BBQ’s, Vinyl siding and more, Tiles Floor, Change room, Lunch room, Showers, Cafeteria, Motors, tools, vents, equipments, rubber, plastic, metal and more.



Mix HAWK cleaner & degrease with hot or cold, hard or soft water at recommended dilutions.

Ratios of Cleaner to water:

  • 1:2 Shower stalls and swimming pools.
  • 1:4 Concrete, Oxychloride and Magnesite Floor.
  • 1:8 All aluminum surfaces such as airplanes, boats, windows and door. All ferrous and non-ferrous metals, heavy grease and oil deposits, All terrazzo and marble floor.
  • 1:10 Removal of wax and synthetic resin emulsion.
  • 1:16 Removal of light grease and oil deposits such as on stoves and ventilating hoods in kitchen.
  • 1:20 Cleaning industrial equipment truck, tractors, trailors machinery and greasy walls.
  • 1:40 Ducts, grills, refrigeration and air conditioning units.
  • 1:50 For general floor maintenance – not for heavy duty stripping or removal.
  • 1:60 Office files, lockers, cabinets and vinyl car upholstery.
  • 1:80 Painted walls, glass fixtures, windows and ceramic surfaces

Product Code: 45543

Fragrance: Lemon/Citrus

Packaging Size: 4L, 20L, 200L

Product is Free of:

  • Petroleum Solvent
  • Phosphates
  • Mineral Acids
  • Nitrilotriacetic acid
  • Monoamines
  • Diamines