Product Overview

Exceptional for cleaning/de-icing floors in walk-in freezers

  • Use on outdoor walkways to prevent ice build-up
  • Effective to -45ºF (-42ºC)
  • Non Flammable
  • Low odor
  • No residue

For maximum efficiency, use an automatic scrubber with steel or nylon grit brushes. Dilution ratio depends on the temperature.

  • -45ºF (-42ºC) Full strength
  • -25ºF (-32ºC) 5 parts Freezer Cleaner: 1 part water
  • -15ºF (-26ºC) 3 parts Freezer Cleaner: 1 part water
  • -5ºF (-15ºC) 2 parts Freezer Cleaner: 1 part water



Apply liquid on first pass over the floor. Allow to sit 10 – 30 minutes. Scrub floor with nylon grit or steel brushes. Pick up with vacuum.


  • Remove existing ice and snow. Pre-spray undiluted.
  • Freezer Clean with garden sprayer to prevent ice formation.

NOTE: Floors tend to be colder than the air temperature. Allow product to sit on floor for 10 – 30 minutes to allow penetration. This is key for extreme cold/heavy ice build-up

CAUTION: Avoid contamination of food. Do not store in food processing or storage areas. Surfaces must be rinsed thoroughly with potable water.

Product Code: 45549

Fragrance: Scent Free

Packaging Size: 4L

Product is Free of:

  • Petroleum Solvent
  • NTA
  • Monoamines
  • Solvent / petroleum
  • Bleach and Ammonia
  • Toxic Fumes