Our Mission and Commitment to Environment

Eco Chemlabs commitment for the environment, initiated the need of real green and ecofriendly products. Eco Chemlabs is committed and passionate to serve humanity and conserve ecology for future generations. Environment consideration for sustainability is the foundation behind Eco Chemlabs business. Eco Chemlabs is emerging as responsible partner and contributor of its share in all efforts for awareness and improvement to the quality and sustainability of blue planet and its inhabitants.

Our People and Their Vision

Eco Chemlabs is a team of highly qualified, professional, skilled, innovative and visionary people. Eco Chemlabs people are passionate to find solutions beyond the box in consideration to the environment and to improve standard of life by connecting it close to the nature.

Our Products Quality and Public Health

Eco Chemlabs commitment and passion to environment bloomed safest and toxins free cleaning products. Eco Chemlabs products provide optimum performance at home, restaurants, banquet halls, motels, hotels, malls, offices, industries and places of high frequency visitors for all cleaning needs. Eco Chemlabs has supreme quality line of products but always open to improvement. Eco Chemlabs research and development team is led by Dr. Lodhi. He has more than twenty year’s extensive experience in formulations, research and development. Dr. Lodhi and his dedicated, committed team keep close watch for development in the field throughout the world and remain open to embrace positive change. The unique approach of highly visionary team through the years maintains its distinguished place among the manufacturers.Eco Chemlabs quality control and assurance department team comprised of highly skilled professionals who are university graduates with major in analytical chemistry, highly knowledgeable in their field. Truth is our strength and transparency is our commitment. Quality is our trust. Customer trust is our asset.


Eco Chemlabs along with its own line of products also provides opportunities for private label manufacturing. For private label manufacturing minimum quantity applies.