Product Overview

Eco ChemLabs Chlorine Sanitizer 12 % specially formulation by using premium quality ingredients that works hygienically tough to remove all types Bacteria.


The 3-step method of dishwashing is to be used to clean food contact equipment and utensils.

1st sink - Wash food contact equipment and utensils
2nd sink - Rinsed clean water
3rd sink - Sanitize

A sanitizing solution of chlorine (bleach) and water at a concentration of 100 ppm (parts per million) can be used in the third sink. To make a100 ppm chlorine solution, combine 2 ml. (1/2 tsp.) of bleach with one litre of water. Immerse utensils for at least 45 seconds.

Change the wash, rinse and sanitizer water frequently (for example every 2 hours) or as the water become dirty. Use sanitizer test strips to check sanitizer concentration.

For large items such as cutting boards, that can only be washed and rinsed in place, a sanitizing solution can be applied of 200 ppm bleach and water (1 tsp chlorine in 1 litre of water).

Other sanitizers in proper concentrations, following the manufacturers’ instructions, may be used if approved by the Health Department.

Ensure all containers (bucket/spray bottle) of soap or sanitizer solutions are properly labelled and kept away from food.

Do not use cloths to wipe food contact surfaces dry after sanitizing. Food contact surfaces should be air dried.

All water used is to be from an approved safe supply. You may use tubs or basins if sinks are not available during the event.


Product features

  • Effective against a wide variety of microorganisms.
  • Not affected by water hardness Non-staining.
  • Generally inexpensive
  • Non-film forming

Product Code: 45521

Fragrance: Fragrance Free

Packaging Size: 4L, 20L

Product is Free of:

  • Petroleum Solvent
  • NTA
  • Monoamines
  • Solvent / petroleum